Venue Hire Request Form

Terms and Conditions of Hire
We pride ourselves on providing a welcoming and safe environment for you and your guests to have an enjoyable experience at our club.

Decorating the venue for your special occasion is welcomed but everything must be cleared by a time as agreed with our Club Manager. Only non-permanent fixing methods may be used, no permanent adhesives or tapes.

We would ask you to ensure your guests respect our facility and comply with the following:
● Access to the tennis courts is strictly prohibited.
● Children must be kept under control by their parents or carers.
● Any accident or damage is to be reported to the bar staff immediately.
● Please respect members of our staff.
● Smoking and vaping is limited to official smoking areas as per the signage.
● Please respect our neighbours and avoid using foul language whilst on our premises.
● Fighting and aggressive behaviour is not tolerated.
● Social and recreational drugs are not allowed on our premises.
● In the event of the fire alarm being heard, please vacate the building by the nearest fire exit and report to the fire assembly area in the main car park.
● We reserve the right to ask people to leave if the conditions above are not adhered to.


Any damage or excessive cleaning caused at your event will be charged to the person/company booking the venue.

If you prefer a PDF version of this form to download and print yourself, you can download it here.